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  • Does Stretching Help Sore Muscles?

    Does Stretching Help Sore Muscles?

    Sore muscles are a pain that you surely do not want to live with even for a day. However, even if you are a seasoned fitness fanatic or a long time athlete, muscle soreness can still creep into your life and disrupt your daily routine. Soreness of the muscles usually happens to those who are […] More

  • Does Stretching Give You Lean Muscles?

    Does Stretching Give You Lean Muscles?

    We live in a world where our physical appearance matters to us greatly. We frequent the gym and constantly post on social media regarding our progress in our workouts, mostly displaying our bodies to the world. The subconscious (or conscious) need of approval plagues the human kind and we always seem to succumb to the […] More

  • Does Stretching Burn Calories?

    Does Stretching Burn Calories?

    Juggling work, family, and social life can sometimes be overwhelming. Often, in our hectic schedule, we tend to eat food from fast foods and just whatever we can grab from the nearest food truck. These kinds of foods are enough to fill our empty stomachs, but they are mostly unhealthy. Eating unhealthy foods can only […] More

  • Does Massage Help Sore Muscles?

    Does Massage Help Sore Muscles?

    It is a common practice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even people who do not workout to seek a massage when they feel muscle soreness. A massage done by a professional masseur is delightfully relaxing for both the body and the mind. The million dollar question is – does massage help sore muscles that are […] More

  • Does Stretching Tone Your Body?

    Does Stretching Tone Your Body?

    ‘I bend so I don’t break’ Everyone knows that stretching can help your body to become flexible. Improving body’s flexibility is important and ideally, stretching should be performed before exercising. This helps in preparing the muscles for gruelling workouts. The question is – Does stretching tone your body? As a reader, you need to understand […] More

  • How Flexibility Helps Prevent Injuries

    How Flexibility Helps Prevent Injuries

    In sports, it is crucial to not get injured because an injury can lead to the end of your career. It happens all the time, regardless if the athlete is famous, young, or older. Injury is an occurrence that must be avoided in every way, especially when your financial stability relies on your game. Thanks […] More

  • How Often Should I Stretch

    How Often Should I Stretch

    Stretching has numerous benefits like flexibility, mobility, stress-free body, the joints get stronger, and even the muscular movement gets strong. If stretching is responsible for numerous benefits, it should be a part of your daily life. But the question is – how often should I stretch? Every day or twice a week? How long should […] More

  • How Long Should You Hold A Stretch

    How Long Should You Hold A Stretch

    Stretching is a low-intensity flexibility exercise that can be done on its own, or incorporated with a high-intensity workout. When you are just starting to engage in stretching, it is normal to start with simple exercises and lesser time of holding a stretch. You need to give your body enough time to get familiar with […] More

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